Market Studies

Entering a new market is a complicated process and requires a clear understanding of local culture, behavior, language, and foreign business regulations and practices.

The Chamber Coalition through its partner, IQ Inc. Global Consulting provides market entry services to help companies successfully establish and develop a presence in foreign markets. We offer a worldwide network of resources to help with your global expansion. With a team of professionals across four areas, we are positioned to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in your target market.

Market Research

A key component of marketing is research, marketing research. To be successful on at the local and international levels, market research has to be employed. Market research involves the use of techniques to collect information and better comprehend a company’s target market that is their prospective clients. Businesses use this information to design better products, enhance user experience, and develop a marketing message that attracts quality leads and increases conversion rates. If you have a business, product or service and you want to be successful or expand, you simply cannot afford to ignore market research.  The Chamber Coalition, through its partner, IQ INC Global can provide you with market research to ensure your success.

Market feasibility studies 

• Market overview and analysis

• Business opportunities identification

• Competitive intelligence

• Questionnaire design, execution and analysis

• Qualitative and quantitative research 
  1. In-depth interviews
  2. Focus groups
  3. Online surveys
  4. Mail surveys

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