Content Marketing: Three Tips to Make Your Blogs Searchable on Google

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Most businesses appreciate the importance of content marketing, and blogging is a crucial part of that process. However, you will need to do more than simply write an occasional company blog post to be successful. The essential thing is that your posts are searchable on Google, so that’s the subject of this article.

1. Create short and snappy titles
The process of blogging begins when you write your titles. One mistake brands often make is to compose lengthy descriptive posts. Clearly, the logic here is sound enough because a descriptive title may encourage users to read on. The problem, though, is that this logic is from print media, and online content works differently.

There is a technical problem with this approach because search engines such as Google will cut off a title that is too long. This means your added words would simply be wasted in the end. The second point to keep in mind is that users online have short attention spans and don’t have time for long titles. Therefore, if you want to grab attention quickly, you are better off with short, snappy, and concise titles.

2. Use keywords in titles and content body
While descriptive titles are not the way to go, it’s essential to think about keywords. You should aim to use at least one strong keyword in each title. Ideally, this keyword should be at the front of your title. You can find out which keywords to focus on by researching them based on advertising tools and looking into trending topics.

Of course, it’s essential to use your keywords throughout the body of your content as well. This will increase the search engine optimization of your blog post. However, this process needs to be as natural as possible, and using a keyword too much could do more harm than good. So when it comes to content marketing, balance is critically important.

3. Share your blog post
Once you have written your post, it’s crucial to realize your work is not yet finished. Part of getting your post indexed by Google is due to the work you put in. Therefore, you want to share it with the broadest audience possible. Hopefully, if you are reading this article, you already have a decent social media presence.

Remember, though, that social media is a visual kind of place. That means you may want to create attractive graphics to share your blog post. Of course, if you have images within the content, those can be pinned onto a board using Pinterest, which is an excellent platform for sharing blog content. Also, consider other ways you can promote your latest article. For example, email newsletters are great options for promoting blog posts.

Content marketing is crucial for most brands to be involved in. However, getting your blog posts read isn’t always as easy as it looks. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will allow users to find your latest masterpiece on Google. Remember to create short and snappy titles, use keywords in titles and the body of your content, and share your blog post.

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